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Amy gets ill & updates


Just a quick update and a few anecdotes from the past few weeks.

So my cousin Amy left a few weeks ago and on the week that she left she contracted a cold probably from all the little kids in Disney. So When it came to send her home she was coughing everywhere. As you may know the Japanese are somewhat clean freaks, so sending Amy on public transport was not a great idea. The solution; face mask. They are not very effective but it is polite to abide by their rules. It does make for some funny photos.

This month I also got the results for both my A levels and my Intermediate ballet exam. I passed the ballet exam, which I am so happy about as I have been working for it a long time. I am also amazed as I told you how badly I thought the pointe work went. As for the A levels, I did quite well in those too, not as great as I suppose I wanted; but definitely improved compared to last year. I finished 1 A level this year (DT) with a C, I also did 2 AS levels; physics and chemistry and got Ds in both, I know that doesn\’t sound great but they were almost Cs and they are better than the Es I got last year and easier to improve upon next year.

We are still waiting for our furniture to arrive and we are now pining for a sofa as the floor gets tiresome.

Hope you like my blog, please leave comments on what you would like to read about.

Maria xx

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