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British Byway – Headlam/Gainford

What\’s Happening! (eww weird)

However weird it\’s a good question, isn\’t it, I have been terribly inconsistent even though I have plenty to write about. But the good news is I back! – for a good amount of time *fingers crossed* 

So I\’ve decided to create a little series called \’British Byway\’ in which I will chit chat about all my wanderings around Britain. 

Which brings me to my first instalment, I decided to join my mum in County Durham. Obviously, you had no idea unless you follow me on Instagram (@solvingmaria), but to be fair neither did I. I travelled up on Saturday evening and I didn\’t book the train ticket until 2 hours before I had to hop on the train.  

The train journey was an adventure in itself, seeing as Belle my fluffy rough collie was coming with me and had never been through London. She was an angel as always of course but I felt like a proud mommy seeing her cope so well even on the tube. Even though we had to take hundreds of steps down as dogs aren\’t allowed on escalators. not to mention Belle is almost 13 she\’s not so keen on steps either.

Anyway once we arrived it was rather late so the adventures began on Sunday, but I think I\’ll save that for later. 

Today I wanted to talk about Monday, my mum had gone to work so it was just Belle and I, with no car in the middle of nowhere, pretty much. we had a pretty chill morning and I did some research and found a village nearby. therefore we left for the village to find somewhere for lunch. Unfortunately, after about an hours stroll there we arrived to find that the town was shut on Mondays. 

This is Belles Face as I  left her at the top stile for a moment, 

one of many I struggled to get over.  Bear in mind there is amount a metre between that step and the ground below.

Trying not to be too disheartened I decided that we would take a public footpath back instead of just the side of the road. Though I\’m not entirely sure whether that was a good idea. Well, there were pros & cons; Pros – hilarious photo, cons – we were lost for a considerable amount of time. 

The point is it was fun! and I have some photos to share. 

See you soon, to tell you about … actually, I\’m not sure yet. 

Hey ho, I hope you enjoyed the read and come back soon for more. don\’t forget you can make this easier by following my blog using the button on the right –> 

Maria x 

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