• Maria Nightingale

Epic Fail

Remember at the beginning of the year I said i would post more regularly? well how did that go… well most of you can tell I haven\’t posted anything since february. My bad.

I could tell you I was too busy, but that is the lamest excuse in the book. I made this blog to talk about living in Japan. and I haven\’t done a lot of that and now my time here is nearly at at end. Although don\’t worry that doesn\’t mean the end of the blog. 

So what have I been doing while I\’ve been MIA. Well its been kinda hectic. I sent of my university applications, I went back to the UK for interviews, I applied for Student finance (sidenote #nightmare), I went skiing quite a few times, studying my  A levels, various holidays and most recently I graduated school and I had my birthday. 

See plenty of stuff to write about, please feel free if you see me around to give me a slap. I haven\’t completely ignored the blog though, you might have noticed so changes, it looks slightly different although I\’m not completely sure about it. 

But to be honest when I first came to Japan, I thought about it was going to be hard and I would have a load of grumpy posts to write, but that just isn\’t the case. All I have is glowing praise for the country and lifestyle, I am kind of sad to leave. Don\’t let me deceive you, it has its bad points but no more than any other place in the world. 

Please bare with me there is more very interesting this on the way, I realise as I write this how much I\’ve missed talking to you. I couldn\’t really be sure who reads my blog apart from friends and family but if there is anything you want me to talk about please leave a comment below or write to be in the contact section.  I look forward to hearing from you soon. 

I\’m sorry, love 

Maria xx

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