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First week of school

Good Morning,

So after a lot of kerfuffle and sorting out I finally enrolled at the British School in Tokyo. 

I started on the 31st August, I know early right. I was called in for the afternoon to sort paperwork and talk to our teachers, I have to admit it was kind of scary, but it didn\’t last long and it made it easier for the actual first day after.

When I arrived everyone was given their timetables for the year, but because my registration papers weren\’t in order, I didn\’t have a timetable. So the first thing I had to do was create a make shift timetable on a scrap piece of paper. Physics, Chemistry and… Maths. I hadn\’t planned on maths but they convinced me that it would help with the other subjects. Once I had completed the form and spoken to all the relevant people it was time to go.

I thought it was quite funny actually I had not officially been offered a place but they expected me to start attending on the first day of school. In fact it wasn\’t until the next week I was legitimate, while on a school trip. (I\’ll explain later)

From the first few days I feel I learnt a lot about the school. It is so different to my school in the UK. for starters it\’s tiny! The whole of secondary school, that\’s Y7-Y13, is around 800 people and Y13 can\’t be more than 20! To come from a school where there were between 1-2000, its insane. Then there are the people; I thought I had traveled a lot, and I probably had in comparison to anyone at Oxted but here I feel so untraveled. I know that was naive to think that seeing as its a international British school, but oh well.

All the students seem nice, but I feel I need to give it some more time before I can form a proper opinion or make friends. however they have told me I should hold back on my opinion on the school as well. So I\’m sure there will be an update school blog in a few months. 

The most stressful thing so far is getting up and ready in the morning. The school day starts in Tokyo at 8.30am which means because I live in Utsunomiya I have to get up at 5.30! Meaning my morning routine has changed significantly. Cue girly talk; I now have to shower in the evening which isn\’t to bad as I quite like that, I also have to pack my bag and decide what to wear (that\’s another story) before I go to sleep. When I wake up I throw on whatever I chose, use the facilities, grab my breakfast for the train  and if I have time swig a mug of tea. And off to the train I go. 

At this school we have a sort of uniform, you cant just wear what you like, as I was used to. Its not exactly a uniform more if a dress code which is; Tokyo business. This normally consists of a shirt and a skirt. Yeah, there is a real difference between Tokyo Business and International Business. 

Maria xx

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