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Hello again,

Hello again,

“So I think we have established that I am not very good at this. And to be cliche its mostly because I\’m a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to social media and especially my blog. That combined with having what feels like no time to do anything other than architecture, means there has been considerably little here.

That\’s my bad, Well it\’s 2018 now and I\’m guna try to be a little more relax and actually post at least twice this year. Haha, I joke.”

Maria January 2018

Wo~w … great start. My intentions were in the right place but it seems I didn’t even get the chance to post them. *facepalm* The first half of this year has been beyond chaotic, but I finally feel its come to a close – or I’ve just become acclimatised to it.

Point is, I’ve loved writing on my blog the last few years and no matter how busy its not something I want to ‘give up’.

That in mind, I WILL be posting here and I’ve set myself some light-hearted rules:

1. Stop being such a perfectionist 2. Things don\’t have to be in chronological order 3. Talk about whatever the heck I want 4. Posts don’t have to be 10 pages long – short or long, everything is good 5. Try not to go M.I.A but if I do, these ‘sorry I’ve been inconsistent’ posts need to go.

Okay, now we’ve got that sorted and (I have adequately roasted myself), I am currently sitting by the pool on my first girls summer holiday. We went to Bulgaria, and posts about that will be around imminently.

Thank you for sticking around,

Maria x

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