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Hibiscus Cocktails

Evening all,

Well, I\’m writing this in the morning but it\’s only socially acceptable to drink in the evening after 12 pm at a push if you\’ve had a hard day or your celebrating.

Anyways who cares. As many of you, many of you may know I quite like drinking but I also like experimenting with cocktails. That sentence took longer than it should have, writing what I had in my head without sounding like an alcoholic rather difficult apparently.

Getting distracted! The point is recently I was experimenting is a hibiscus cordial I had acquired from the Great East India Tea Company, and they were amazing if I don\’t say so myself so I thought I should share. They are good either for everyday or special occasion.

So let\’s get into it… (warning none of these measurements are precise or technical)

Hibiscus Gin & Tonic

Kinda self-explanatory, a G&T with a twist.

1) Pick your favorite Gin, mine being Tanqueray, and depending how strong/weak you want it, add 1/2 shots 

2) Pick your favorite Tonic, I strongly recommend the fever tree brand especially for this recipe the one with a hint of elderflower. Then add to make the G&T strength you like.

3) Then the new bit, add in the Hibiscus cordial. This is also to taste and how you prefer it. I probably added 1/2 tablespoons. 

4) Add some ice, and enjoy.

Hibiscus Cooler 

A tall and longer drink. Which usually means; easier to drink. In the picture, I did not serve on ice but I would recommend crushed ice as an extra touch. 

1) Add 1/2 shots of your preferred spirit, either in a shaker or chosen tall glass alone with ice. I used Gin again but I have tried since and used vodka, so they are interchangeable. 

2) Then add the mixers into the shaker/glass, which are tropical fruit juice (preferably with passion fruit included) and lemonade of equal amounts. These are the main liquids so add appropriately to fill the glass/glasses.

3) Add the cordial, depending on how big your glass is 1/2 tablespoons and maybe a bit more. Now shake/ stir.

4) Now serve into the glass and add a straw. At this point, I also added a dash of Grenadine slowly down the straw to get the separation effect. And Enjoy!

Now your all set to make an hibiscus flavored drink. Have a go and enjoy, post your experiments on Instagram and tag me @solvingmaria or use the #solvingmariafood

I look forward to enjoying them with you,

Maria x

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