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Holiday – Disney

DISNEY, who wouldn\’t be excited.

Instead of staying another day in Atami we decided to head into Tokyo early. We arrived at our hotel at 10am and we decided to go to Disney Sea! We were in the park before 11.

Disney Sea Tokyo is the only one of its kind, you would imagine it might be something like Animal Kingdom in Florida; you would be wrong. It\’s kind of amazing and so much better, I would say its a mix between the Studios, Epcot and a hint of A Kingdom. However it really is in a league of its own. It gets in Sea from the fact that it is basically in the sea, not quite but its on the coast and all the water used throughout the park comes from the ocean. If you love an immersive experience you will love it, the theming and attention to detail is amazing you could quite easily be lost and transported to amazing scenes.  Seeing as this wasn\’t planned, best decision ever!

While going around the park we noticed a face that we had never come across, Duffy. After posting it on Facebook my uncle knowingly informed us who he is, although I\’m pretty sure he didn\’t know either until he goggled it. Duffy formally known as the Disney bear is a bear Minnie made Mickey to take with him on his journeys, aw cute right? So, naturally I had to have one. There are two things you can never grow out of these are; cuddly teddies and Disney!

The next day as planned we went to Tokyo Disneyland, its pretty much the same as any other Disneyland apart from the layout and the addition of Toon Town and of course everything is in Japanese. Even mickey Mouse is Japanese, his voice higher in pitch as well. However the language is not consistent throughout, some is still in English but its doesn\’t make sense for those bits to be in English and others not. For example a song that was sung throughout a parade which i had never heard before was in English but when they showed a clip of Belle or Peter Pan in London it was in Japanese. I thoroughly enjoyed myself though.

Another thing I noticed about Tokyo Disney is that it a lot cheaper than other Disney resorts, not cheap in comparison to Japan but if you compare the merchandise prices in Florida to that of Tokyo there is a significant difference. My mum for most of her life has wanted to dine at the themed restaurant Blue Lagoon set in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, but we have never gone a) because of the price and b) we could never get seats. Unlike other resorts you cannot book tables at any of the restaurants, so we headed down on the off chance that it wasn\’t full and it wasn\’t too expensive. Neither was the case, we were seated immediately and it was very reasonable for the food and experience. It was amazing, I loved it even if we did have hassle with Amy\’s eating requirements. We then finished the day off with the illumination of Cinderella\’s castle, mesmerizing and magical as one would expect.

Maria xx

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