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Holiday – Kyoto


So last week my mum, Amy and I went on holiday. My mum had the week off because the site was shut down. We decided to do a tour of the south of Japan as it is quite as way from where we are based. Quite excitingly I was given the task of planning the holiday completely, I normally have an input but this year it was all up to me, muah ahaha! A tad stressful but it was fun.

Plan of Action – Day 1 – Travel to Kyoto, Explore, Sleep Day 2 – Bamboo forest, Travel to Atami, Sleep Day 3 – Relax, Sleep Day 4 – Relax, Travel to Tokyo, sleep (not what actually happened but explain later) Day 5 – Tokyo Disneyland, sleep Day 6 – Tokyo Shopping, Home, sleep

Because so much happened that week I have decided to do 1 blog for each location, so stay tuned for the adventures of Atami and Tokyo.

So on the first day we began very early in the morning as we had to get a train to Kyoto which took around 3 hours. That is a lot I know but when you think about it, its 522 km away vertically on the other end of Japan, which would take you around 7 hours to drive without stops, it all doesn\’t seem that bad. The train was quite simple as well just one change at Tokyo and very civilised. they say the north and the south of Japan are  very different, and they would not be wrong. You wouldn\’t expect it but why not, its like 2 different neighbouring states in America, still american but have completely different cultures.

In the evening we arrived at our hotel in Arashiyama and we were completely frazzled, I\’m surprised we even made it to dinner, I could have fallen asleep right then and there. As a result we went to bed at the ridiculous time of 8.30, I haven\’t gone to bed that early since I was 5!

 The Scenic railway is a steam train that runs along the bamboo forests as well as vast river that winds around the mountainous range. On our journey we saw that it is the perfect river for a white water rafting experience however that would have needed to be booked in advance. The colours and the views were to die for and it was so relaxing to look out onto whilst chugging along on an odd train. Very nice and peaceful end to our stay in Kyoto.

Stay tuned for what happened next on our holiday

Maria xx

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