• Maria Nightingale

Holiday – the last day.

So to make the most of the last day before getting the train back to Utsunomiya we went into Tokyo to explore and with an agenda.

The Agenda is as follows; – Buy new lens for Amy\’s Camera – Look at new Ballet shoes – Shop Generally, obviously – Visit Sky Tree

And if you\’ve ever been to Tokyo in August you will know that that list is almost impossible to achieve because of the heat and Humidity that comes with cramped tall city buildings. Which is why we hardly made a dent in what we wanted to do.  But I will tell you about what did go down that day.

We got into Tokyo station we proceeded to find our way through the maze to the Shinkansen Gate, as we wanted to store our luggage somewhere with easy access. However lots of people seemed to have the same idea as the lockers were full and there was a huge queue for overflow locker space.

After that we stumbled upon A&F. I haven\’t been to one of their stores for probably two years and oh my god it smelt amazing. I don\’t know what the smell is and you cant buy it to take with you but it is unique and sensational. So I am now not so bummed about going shopping in Japan.

Once the very tiring but not so productive day was over we collected our luggage and hopped on the next train back Utsunomiya where we slept very well.

Hope you enjoyed your my account of our holiday this year,

Maria xx

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