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I\'m at Uni!


Look at me being so efficient! Defying the odds. (Haha, maybe not, I took my time finishing it) However, unfortunately, this may not be a terribly long post, oh well. 

So for those of you that don\’t know last year, I did my last year of A Levels. I think I\’ll talk a bit more about that process another time but needless to say, I did well enough to get into university. 

I am now a full-time student at London Southbank University studying architecture!

I remember the day we got our results, I spent most of the night before coming up with plan A.B, C, D and E.(Yes, I literally had that many, no joke)  Only to find out I got into my insurance choice, all that anxiousness and thoughts of being incredibly busy dissipated and I was left with absolutely nothing to do. It was weird.

Anyway, in September I enrolled after another debacle with changeovers, this time with my dance certificate. Why is enrolling so difficult for me and why the hell is a dance certificate so damn important especially for an Architecture course! If I was studying dance I would understand, maybe.

As you can imagine, the first week was terrifying. It was instantly apparent my course was huge and bigger than normal. We are a real mixed bunch, which makes it kind of interesting, but also makes crits incredibly long. Just as well there is a pub round the corner to escape to after.

So it\’s now February and I have finished the first semester, time really does fly. A major jump I know. And overall it\’s been a lot of fun so far. We have been studying all sorts from; architectural engineering to the history of Architecture. And for the Studio and design sections of the course our topics have included, the Visible and Invisible City, as well as Room in a City. All of which will appear in the Portfolio section of my blog in due course.

We just handed in our Portfolios for an interim mark so that we get an idea of where we are. So undoubtedly there will be some things to tweak.  And This week we start semester 2 which mixes all of semester 1 topics into one in one very long and in-depth project that will finish in May.

If you would like to know any more or have any questions feel free to comment down below. Other than that I hoped you enjoyed a little overview of uni so far, and I hope to fill you in more as time goes on.

See you soon,

Maria x

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