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I made Gyoza!!

Hello again,

So as you may or may not know, Utsunomiya is quite famous for Gyoza. They eat the most Gyoza in the world, they once lost the title to a small Chinese town, they weren\’t having that, so the council had a campaign for people to eat more Gyoza.

I was just doing the usual weekly shopping (that\’s another interesting thing I\’ll have to tell you about) and I noticed you could buy the pastry things that you wrap the meat with, I had to buy them, I live in the town of Gyoza I had to at least try. Right?

I was surprisingly not that difficult, it was kind of like making little Cornish pasties… so I guess a tad fiddly. All I did was add pork mince, leeks, spinach and Japanese coriander and mix together and put into the parcels that we pre-bought. Seal them up with a little water and they fry them in the frying pan. Gyozas can be eaten in several ways; steamed, fried and baked. Seeing as there is no oven in our apartment we fried them, which is probably better because I like them better that way.

As with everything me and my mum tend to do, it turned in to a sort of competition, who could make the better Gyozas\’. Mine on the left and hers on the right (photo). Well obviously you can see that mine are more uniform and in my eyes I won. But when I took to Facebook to seal my victory, it didn\’t go as planned, apparently mine are green and Gyoza are not meant to be green. However the only difference between the two was the shape of the parcel.

Anyway who really cares, they tasted amazing and i will definitely be making them again although I do fancy trying so other dishes so maybe another post will be heading your way of what I make next. If you have any ideas or requests comment down below, i\’m up for anything.

Thanks for reading, talk soon,

Maria xx

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