• Maria Nightingale

Introducing Maria, Why a Blog? and Name Explained

Hi, I\’m Maria I\’m 18 and in the middle of my A-levels. Getting my AS results on August, 13th to be exact, scary. However, instead of going back to school to study A2s in England at my school, I thought I\’d be a little different. I plan to study in Japan for 6 months. Crazy right and why you may ask? Well… my mum travels with work a lot and I normally get left behind, aw poor me :(. Well about a month ago my mum was told she was going to Japan for about a year. Her company calls it a \’Global Assignment\’, anyways I get to come with! Ah! My Mum got a tonne of paperwork and advice about what it\’s like and the dos and don\’ts of living abroad/Japan. But there is little information about what it is like for Teens, Students, etc. So I\’m going in blind almost. So I thought I should create my own blog so that any of you fortunate enough to have the opportunity to live abroad don\’t have to go through the same. Or if you\’re interested in what Japan is like or are just genuinely nosey like me, then join me on the crazy adventuresome people call life. I choose to call this blog; How to solve a problem like Maria, because well my name is Maria and I just so happen to love the sound of music. I didn\’t want to specify too much with the blog name because then it gets difficult; like if I called it \’Maria in Japan\’ or \’Solving a problem like Japan\’ it gets a bit typecast. It becomes a blog only to do with my time in Japan, we\’ll see how it goes as I\’ve never done this before, but what if  I enjoy blogging I wouldn\’t want to have to stop or change the title. Let me know what you think? It might be terrible. More about me;  In England, I live in Surrey. I love to dance, mostly ballet, and I recently did my Intermediate exam (went so bad). Next year, Sept 2016, I hope to go to university to study architecture, not entirely sure where yet but that doesn\’t need to be decided yet.  I have a Dog, called Belle, she\’s a rough collie. She is so cuddly and soppy most of the time, I have had here since I was 7 so we are really close. I have an amazing family, they are always there for you and they are hilariously funny. I have 2 Best friends; Erin and Trevyn and they are just amazing, always there for you. I also have a Boyfriend, we\’ve been going out for a while now (2 and a bit years). All these things make leaving considerably hard, but I won\’t go into too much detail, as this is only meant to be an introduction and it will have its own post in due course, plus I could be here for hours if I don\’t stop. Thank you, talk soon   Maria xx (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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