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Project ReModel

Hello again,

So as you guys may or may not know, last year I completely renovated my whole entire house. However with any project like this, it may have technically finished the end of last year, there were a few things to tweak/add… etc. Which has been a major factor for not updating you guys at all. 

But as the final touches start to come together I thought I would start letting you guys in on the final piece and the little tips and tricks I have picked up on the way. 

So as I mentioned, once I got back from Japan and my extensive travels through Asia were over, I returned to a very empty home in the UK. And as it had been empty for almost a year, it was glaringly obvious that the house needed a complete overhaul. And seeing as the furniture wouldn\’t come back until December it made perfect sense to renovate.

See the thing about redecorating it is 100% easier to do it when there is not a bunch of \’crap\’ you have to move around. Another thing is when you live in a compact/open plan house *scratch that* if you live in any house once you\’ve revamped one room the other rooms look even worse than they did before. When you realise that the bathroom you thought was white for 7 years is actually grey, once white; many a life time ago, it\’s quite easy to catch the bug.

As with anything though I tried to be organised because I am a very organised person I promise! I made a long extensive list, I love a good list me.

So this is my MEGA List as I called it, and a warning to this day not everything on it is done… yet!

  1. Quotes for Basement tanking

  2. Redo Basement tanking 

  3. Declutter 

  4. Paint 

  5. Kitchen/Hall

  6. Lounge

  7. Basement 

  8. Bathroom 

  9. Woodwork (whole house)

  10. Door curtain 

  11. New curtains in Lounge

  12. S\’s bedside table 

  13. Window seat M

  14. Window seat L

  15. Paint TV cabinet

  16. DIY 

  17. Kitchen shelves

  18. shelves

  19. Glue down puckering wallpaper

  20. Fix lights is bedrooms 

  21. Sell 

  22. bedside table 

  23. radiator cover 

  24. sofas x2

  25. bed

  26. coat stand

  27. Buy 

  28. sofa

  29. carpet

  30. flooring 

  31. chair

  32. blinds

  33. armchair 

  34. Redo Kitchen Work surface ENTIRELY!

There is probably a lot missing, and I can predict that some of these don\’t make any sense to you but hold tight it will all make sense soon.

It is important to know what you are doing before you attempt a mammoth project like this so I would suggest you make your own MEGA List. As you can see my list is a bit of mess, take it from someone that has made many boo-boos, I would recommend going through each room and writing down everything that needs to be done in that room and then go to the next room and so on.

I also made an accurately measured floor plan, this helped a bunch when looking at new furniture and playing with the orientation in each room. It also helps if you are having trouble visually imagining the space finished.

Me being a budding architect I used software like Sketchup and Auto CAD to do this, however, this is not at all necessary.  You can either do this the proper old fashioned way with a piece of graph paper and pencil and a scale of some sort, or you can use a piece of very easy internet software called Planner5D. Free for amateurs to use to make simple floor plans and even better with one click of a button it makes it a 3D model for you!

My Last tip for the project is, if you haven\’t already, Pinterest the heck out of it. Create as many boards as you like over some time and reflect every now and again. Pinterest is a great place to hone your aspirations, style and understand the feel you want for each room.

WARNING, try not to fall into the trap of replicating a picture you found, you want to take inspiration but then make it your own. To replicate is to just have a catalogue home and if you aspire to have a home that is \’Pinterest worthy\’ it has to be clever, unique and desirable. This is achieved through making your own design, by combining the best of what Pinterest has to offer.

So that was possibly a lot of babble, and I know you are dying to know what the house looks like. So … here is a little sneaky peek… 

Whether you guys are thinking about renovating or just nosey about what my house looks like, I hope you liked it and stay tuned to hear about each room individually.

Toodles, Maria x

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