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Singapore Architecture

Hello again,

So much to see and not enough time to do it all. That being the overall feeling throughout my trips in the past few weeks. Also so much to write about, and I will get there slowly but surely I promise. I have to say it\’s been so much fun, so you\’ve got a lot to look forward to. 

But that what\’s to come, today I\’m going to tell you about my little adventure exploring the amazing architecture in Singapore. It was amazing, so much interesting buildings, in such a small area.

The city is incredible, growing from the ground up but also out into the sea. It is a lot more modern than the average city. For example, London has both very old and very new architecture, whereas in Singapore it is mostly all new. In fact, one of the taxi drivers said that the oldest multi-storey they had left was built the early 1900s, which when you think about it is really not very old at all.

Which can be a bad thing or a good thing depending what your opinions are on the matter of old vs new and which country you\’re in. As we know old just doesn\’t work in Japan, with the ground constantly moving.

So without further or do, Let\’s get into my little tour;

So two my right —–>  There is a map, a map of the main stops of my little tour around the city. Although there are plenty more buildings we stumbled upon along the way.

Start – My hotel, Swissotel Stamford. I am not there anymore, so it\’s ok no of you crazy people can come and find me. Haha Stop 1 – Bugis+ Stop 2 – Parkroyal Stop 3 – The Durian Stop 4 – Artscience Museum Stop 5 – Helix Bridge Stop 6 – Marina Sands (of course)

You may call us crazy as it was around 33 degrees celsius all day but we decided to walk the whole thing. At least that was the plan until we found that there was a boat the would take us from Clarke Quay to the main bay at which most things are positioned around.


This building is quite interesting as you can see. And to be honest it was almost not part of my grand tour until I stumbled upon it while searching the web. Once I laid my eyes on the photo it was easy for me to realise I had to see it in person. In fact, it wasn\’t until we got there that we realised it was a shopping centre. The intricate geometric shapes bring texture in themselves, but I think my favourite aspect might be the red/terracotta tiled building behind. Nestled in the back with the foliage and the white domes shaped parts of the Bugis+ adds extra character to the buildings and even though on paper it sounds horrible, I think it works really well.

Side note: not only is Singapore the most growing city it\’s also the greenest city I\’ve ever been to. Greenery everywhere, as far as the eye can see. So beautiful and refreshing

I also admire the extra showmanship shown by the designers, as when we ventured in, we were not disappointed. The same ergonomic and natural lines were carried inside as well, the ceiling almost looking like some rock formation. When venturing closer to the building to inspect the shapes on the facade you can see that each piece has been meticulously textured and arranged to give the overall finish. Amazing, I just have to say I\’m sorry for the people that have to clean it, must be a nightmare I\’m sure.

Park Royal

I don\’t know about you but I\’ve seen this building on Instagram a few times, and I have to say I thought it was concept art. No way those floating gardens in between the building exist, but of course it does and in Singapore of all places. I suppose it\’s not so surprising, the city is full of initiative new modern buildings; it may all be modern but it\’s not all the same architect and designs are very diverse. 

The Durian

The Durian, the stinkiest fruit on the planet, a delicacy in Singapore. Or as Amy and my mum like to call it \’fly eyes\’, the uneducated bunch 😉 . I have to say from above, I can see where they are coming from. Whatever it may look like its purpose is a theatre hall. The technique used to give its fruit like texture is quite interesting, using triangular shaped pieces on the rough in different directions to give tonal changes and the feel of depth and dimension. By only using this effect on the roof, the impact is sustained without becoming over the top or overdone. 

Or as I like to call it \’The Egg Shell\’, a cracked one, of course, please tell me I\’m not the only person that sees it. 

To be honest, it\’s quite amazing that it stands up, the infrastructure to create it must be interesting. unfortunately, I couldn\’t persuade Amy to go inside, but from outside the way it catches the light and how the eye is attracted to it as a white object in a sea of different shades of blue. 

Helix Bridge

When you read about Singapore\’s Architecture it is mainly centred around the buildings around the bay but as I have shown there is so much more left unexplored. However, the Helix Bridge is around the bay, but is hardly ever mentioned and I can\’t imagine why.

The Helix bridge is the first and longest double helix curved bridge in the world. It\’s basically a gigantic version of DNA cool… but it\’s also curved, unbelievable!

Is that a bit too excitable? Probably, haha.

I\’m having trouble describing this, I think my photos show how amazing it is. I just have to say that it is just so elegant, and sits so gracefully in it surrounding. Unlike the Millennium bridge in London, more commonly known as the wobbly bridge, it may be dainty looking but it is robust and has been constructed immaculately.

Marina Sands

I\’m sure this need no introduction… everyone knows and has heard much about this building. It\’s become the symbol of Singapore, from its ship-like shape to its infinity pool. One thing I didn\’t know about was that it is curved, the ship at the top of curved!! if that wasn\’t enough the three pillars/buildings it is rested upon are split at the bottom like clothes pegs, in which there is a dual carriageway through. Incredible just doesn\’t suffice. We didn\’t go up at this time but we did go up to the bar eventually, and that might be a post by its self. 

Honourable mentions along the way

Thank you, everyone and I hope you enjoyed the read. Apologies for the wait, gone back to the dark ages with no Wifi, but I\’ll get there. 

Hang on and see you soon 

Maria x

P.s. for more photos check out my Instagram #solvingmaria

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