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Summer escapade 2k16

Hello again,

Exams have finished and Summmer has began. And there is a lot going on. So here is a little heads up of what to expect in the upcoming months. 

My summer you could say if kind of hectic, for starters I\’m leaving Japan 😩. For which there will definitely be more blog content about. And at the end I\’ve got exam results and university prep. 

So if anyone is any good a math that\’s quite a while, and I\’ve just said I\’m quite busy. So busy with what exactly? 

Well first of all I\’m doing a little travelling before I head back to the UK. I am lucky enough to be visiting both Singapore and Australia through July, due to quite perfect timing if I say so my self. My mum is out there on business already. I can tell you now packing was a challenge, seeing as it\’s always scorching in Singapore however it\’s cold and wintery in Australia in July. 

And if that wasn\’t nice, we\’ve got to move all our stuff around the world again, as I\’m moving back to the UK and my mum is moving to… You\’ll have to wait and see. 

We\’ve also decided that while our home in the UK is empty it is the perfect time to rennnovate and do all those jobs we have been putting off for years, as you naturally do. So I will be coordinating that. 

So that\’s what\’s going on in my summer, but what I\’m sure you want to know is what does that mean for you my blog readers and what the content is likely to be over the summer. Well as usual it is likely to be adhock, not in contrological order, but I really hope you enjoy it. As for the content; I plan to write about everything from Life in Japan and travelling to rennnovating and all the things in between. 

Overall I think you all have a lot to look forward to, and so do I. I hope you enjoy. 

Maria xx

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