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The New Year, new me crap & where have I been.

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Good Evening,

So its now 2017, Happy new year!

Before we look ahead let\’s reflect;

As you all know last summer I went on what I called at the time my summer escapade. You\’ll also be acutely aware that apart from two blogs from Singapore, you hardly heard anything more. Which at first was not my fault because for the best part of a month I went back to the stone age and had no Wi-Fi. And then lets me honest I got lazy and then extremely busy with Uni (yes, watch this space) and as I had said renovating literally my whole house.

So I\’ve been busy, But I still want to share everything that has happened, for my own logging and also for your interest. But be warned it is going to trickle out of the creative tap.

Well, let\’s move on from that and talk about the new year and what that entails for the blog. If it wasn\’t obvious already, the blog is still alive, and fingers crossed not due to die anytime soon. But I did originally start this blog due to my move to Japan and brand it as such. However, I no longer live in Japan, so the plan is to broaden its horizons.

If you know me I love a list, so here a little list of things you can come to expect from this platform;

  1. Finishing Summer Escapade 2k16 series

  2. Home Renovation & Interior Design

  3. Japan – because I loved it so, I\’m sure there is still plenty to talk about.

  4. Being at Uni and Student Life 

  5. An Expansion of my Portfolio. 

  6. Travel (I already have trips booked)

  7. Food/Drinks – who doesn\’t love to eat/drink!

Ideally, I would like to post at least once a week, but I\’m not sure how possibly that is likely to be. Let\’s start once a fortnight for now. and you all have permission to pester me when I start slacking. 

See you soon, on the next experience at Raffles Long Bar in Singapore so stay tuned.

Maria x 

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