• Maria Nightingale

World Ballet Day

Happy World Ballet Day 2015!!!!

To be honest I never really knew this was a thing but now I am aware, I think it calls for celebration every year.

This year the organisation has put together a marathon of ballet from all over the world to our device screens. 23 hours of jaw dropping ballet to feast your eyes on. Companies from all over the world; Australian Ballet, Bolshio, Royal Ballet, Ballet of Canada and SAN Ballet.

I was at school most of today but any free time I had my eyes glued to a screen. And as soon I got home I but on my pointe shoes and have spent the last few hours dancing round the house. which is a lot more fun than it might sound.

I post this in the hope that you get to see at least a snippet of the live streaming. I am so pleased and it has been very refreshing for me seeing as I have been able to find a dance school so far.

Go watch it!!!

Love Maria xx

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